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Orange Essential Oil 10ml


Orange Essential Oil (California) - 10 ml (100% pure concentrated)

Calming, relaxing and regenerating to the nerves, this Californian essential oil helps to lift depression, works with the projection of fear that can affect people's lives and instead produce more clarity of thought. Said to bring balance to the mind and body, orange is also beneficial to the digestive system and is a good all round skin tonic.

Description of Aroma: A  zesty, refreshing citrus fragrance, typical of freshly grated orange peel.

Size: 10 ml

Concentration: 100% concentrated and pure

Do not apply before exposure to sunlight or U.V. rays, as orange can be phototoxic to sensitive skins. Also, prolonged use may irritate sensitive skin. Avoid storing in a warm place - large quantities are best stored in the fridge.

Do not use essential oils undiluted or take internally without the guidance of a qualified practitioner. The information contained here is for general interest and is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

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